What People are Saying

The Lexington is very blessed to serve individuals who need and deserve quality healthcare. But hearing from them is just the icing on top!

Kyla Lowenstein (pictured above) joined The Lexington in February of 2019.


“My family and I would like to praise the excellent and incredible care my mother and my family received from each of you while she was under your guidance at the Lexington.”
– MB – daughter of CT

“Thank you so very much for all the excellent assistance and care giving from The Lexington for our mother. The staff help in the last month of her life was so appreciated, more than I can express in words.”
– JBL – daughter of IB

“I am so thankful for everything that you have done for my mom. She really enjoyed all the good care she received [there].”
– The B Family – HB

“The Lexington is a wonderful assisted living facility! It is a small cohesive community where everyone, staff and residents alike, care for one another. I would definitely recommend The Lexington to others! People talk and hear about nursing homes and assisted living facilities and the nightmarish things that occur. Placing a loved one in a facility is a heart-wrenching and frightening thing to do. Even though our first impression with The Lexington was fabulous, there was still the worry of, “Am I doing the right thing? Will the assisted living facility treat my mother with kindness and dignity? Will she receive the medical care she needs? Will she be happy?”I can state unequivocally that, “YES, indeed!,” The Lexington has assuaged all of my concerns. My mother is receiving the best care both physically and mentally. I haven’t seen her this happy and healthy in years!”
– SS, daughter of DW (current resident)

“I want to thank you for your care and friendship with Jack. He loved living at the Lexington. It was like being part of a family there.”
– BM, daughter of JM

“I am so pleased with the service and care my mom has been getting at the Lexington.”
– JJ daughter of DW (current resident)

“I just never want to leave.”
– DB (current resident)

“Everyone is so nice here and you can just see that the staff truly cares about the residents. It feels very homey.”
– JD

“I just love it here! When I had surgery, I worked really hard at therapy to make sure I could come back to the Lexington.”
– RS (current resident)

“It’s like family here. I love all the smiles and good care.”
– GR (current resident)