Dining Services

Social Dining

The Lexington’s Culinary Services are directed by our Chef with over 20 years of experience and support staff that includes a Pastry Chef and dedicated team who deliver delicious with a smile. The menu includes a choice of entrees, sides, desserts and beverages with a focus on variety and home-style favorites that we grew up with and still savor today. Many recipes are made from scratch, including house-made soups, hearty casseroles and mouthwatering desserts. Residents are served restaurant style with a wide variety including Mexican, Italian and Asian influences as well as crispy fried chicken, old-fashioned meatloaf, fish and seafood. Residents select their menu the day before and can choose foods that are low in sodium, sugar and/or carbohydrates. Fresh, hot coffee is available all day long!

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Private Dining

For those special occasions Residents want to share with family and/or friends, The Lexington offers a complimentary Private Dining Room. Order from The Lexington Restaurant or bring in your own refreshments. If a Resident is not feeling well, we deliver the meal to his or her room at no charge. If a Resident prefers to have a meal in their room, he or she can request Room Service and their meal will be delivered to their room for a nominal fee.