Limited Visitation Policy (Phase III Only)

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The ability to allow visitation changes based on COVID-19 activity. Always call ahead to see if The Lexington is able accommodate Limited Visitation. 402-486-4400.

Limited Visitation Policy | 6/20/2020

Visitation is allowed for compassionate care situations, including end-of-life and residents with significant changes in condition including psycho-social or medical issues as determined by the facility with as much limited contact as much as possible. Visits may be limited as follows:

  • By appointment only, as coordinated by the facility, based limited spaces that are designated for visiting and to manage infection control practices and proper social distancing.
    • Between the hours of 9a and 3p Monday – Sunday
    • Limit two people per visit with the resident
    • Designated areas that allow for social distancing and sanitization
    • Time limited
  • Only in designated areas to ensure safe distancing, proper hand hygiene, universal source control, and overall facility supervision of safe practices related to visitors. The designated area(s) may change based on need for space.
  • Limited in duration with time in between appointments to accommodate staff sanitizing furniture and high-touch areas.
  • Limited in frequency for each resident one per week.
  • Weather permitting, outdoor visitation opportunities may be available with social distancing.
  • All visitors are screened upon entry (or for outside visit) and additional precautions are taken, including social distancing and hand hygiene.
  • Visitors unable to pass the screening or comply with infection control practices such as wearing a facemask will not be allowed entry.
  • All visitors and residents must wear facemask for the duration of their visit.
  • The Lexington will provide a facemask and other PPE to any visitor.
  • Areas will be staged to ensure chairs are six feet apart.
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