Our Experienced Team

The Lexington is operated by individuals who have had parents or loved ones in an assisted living facility. Their experiences led them to create a place where aging adults who can no longer live alone, can still maintain a lifestyle of dignity and independence for as long as possible. Following their lead, our Team Members work together to provide seamless service at every level and at every opportunity to ensure exceptional care and satisfaction.

  • Candy Herzog
    Candy Herzog Administrator

    Mission: Serve aging adults as I would serve my own family—with compassion, dignity and love.

    After pioneering assisted living to aging adults in Nebraska and Medicaid communities, I have spent 20 plus years in this industry. Though I have seen many changes over those years, people still want the basics of safety, security and comfort in their home. Truly making a home for over 100 Residents or a great workplace for over 50 employees goes beyond the basics. It’s about treating people like I treat my own family–going above and beyond to serve!

    Joined 2007

  • Beth Dyer
    Beth Dyer Resident Service Director

    My personal mission: Always, always be kind. Kindness sets the tone and direction for any situation. My 16 plus years of experience in acute care and skilled nursing serving aging adults is a great foundation to oversee Resident care and supervise direct-care staff at The Lexington. It is truly a privilege to serve aging adults in their home and staff in their place of work. Though I am thrown in many different directions at the same time, my personal mission always keeps me grounded and poised to serve everyone best—leading with kindness.

    Joined March 2019

  • Eldonna Rayburn
    Eldonna Rayburn Marketing Director

    My personal mission: Treat life as art. There is beauty and wonder all around us and within all of us. By taking the time to experience the art, you are always doing the most important thing at that moment. I bring over 20 years of experience in adult healthcare by providing communication, marketing and public relations support. But more importantly, I truly enjoy meeting prospective Residents and their family members. I am their resource for guiding them through the application and Medicaid processes as well as assisting with moving to their new home!

    Joined 2017

  • Dee Smith
    Dee Smith Lead Receptionist

    My personal mission: Love my work of serving people! It warms my heart to see them smile, listen to their story or just give them a hug. I started working in healthcare at age 14. At The Lexington, I am one of the first people you see when you visit our campus and the one of the friendly voices you hear answering the phone. In my experience, I have learned that a smile never goes out of style. I hope that the people I serve always feel welcome!

    Joined 2015

  • Julie Andresen
    Julie Andresen Activities Director / Administrative Assistant

    My personal mission: Make it fun! The Lexington is not just what you see. It’s the laughter you hear, the love you feel and the peace of mind you enjoy. I bring over 25 years of experience in designing and implementing fun, joy and memories. It makes my day when a Resident smiles, laughs, sings, taps his or her foot, dances, creates or has FUN exercising!

    Joined 2007

  • Andrew Wiedman
    Andrew Wiedman Medications Coordinator

    My personal mission: Be passionate about my family, my work with Residents and their physicians and pharmacists. I am also passionate about Nebraska athletics, tennis, playing my piano/keyboard, and as my Team Members know, Valentino’s. I coordinate Doctor’s Orders/Prescriptions and ensuring those orders are accurately entered in the computer system for Med Aides. I also communicate Resident needs to their physicians and ensure those orders are communicated to our dedicated staff to ensure quality and communication at all levels.

    Joined 2011

  • Jen Matthews
    Jen Matthews Activities Coordinator

    My personal mission: Coordinate and lead social activities for our Residents that infuses faith, fun, music and wellness! The Lexington is a very socially engaged community and I support Residents with many activities such as weekday chair exercise, devotions, Bible study, salon day, crafts, games and much more! I am also there for Residents to encourage and remind them to join in on a daily basis.

    Joined 2002

  • Pat Spencer
    Pat Spencer Bookkeeper

    My personal mission: Serve as a business office resource to Residents, families and staff. With over 30 years of experience in bookkeeping support, I oversee the financial functions of The Lexington.

    Joined 2007

  • Doug Push
    Doug Push Housekeeping

    My personal mission: Honor our Residents and treat them like my own family. I can best honor them by being ninja-focused when it comes to maintaining a spotless community. I oversee the cleaning of 98 private apartments and all of the common areas and make sure we are consistently keeping the bar high for all who live, work and visit our campus.

    Joined 2016